Ideas for Adding Colour to Your Kitchen 

Sometimes the rooms in your home that are mostly used for functionality, like utility rooms and kitchens, can seem difficult to add a bit of personality to without undertaking a full redesign or redecoration. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than you might think and with a few of the ideas I’ll cover in this blog you could see some significant improvements. 

Buy Colourful Crockery and Equipment 

Picking up some colourful plates, bowls, pots and pans can be a very simple, and often cost-effective, way of adding a bit more vibrancy to your kitchen. This will be especially effective if you have open storage areas or a hanging pot rack. Even if you only whip this stuff out at mealtimes or while you’re preparing food, it will help to break up the monotony of the room and provide a brilliant contrast to the neutral colours and metals that are prevalent in lots of kitchens. 

Paint the Interior of Your Open Cabinets 

If your kitchen has open storage or glass-doored cabinets, then adding a lick of paint or even wallpaper to their interiors can make a dramatic change to the presentation of your kitchen. This will be especially effective if the rest of your kitchen is white or very lightly coloured. If you don’t have open faced cabinets, then I’d suggest considering changing the doors to your cupboard. This won’t be cheap, but it also won’t be extravagantly expensive, and I can’t understate how big of a change it’ll make. 

Chairs and Barstools 

When you have a seating area as part of your kitchen, this can be another great opportunity to inject some colour. The market is full of options to pick from, with stained wood chairs and coloured metal barstools offering bold solutions. If you don’t quite want to commit to the statement of fully coloured furniture, then patterned or bright cushions and upholstery will make a similar impression but with a less full on effect. These can also be added fairly easily and cheaply to your existing furniture, so you’ll save a little too. 


There are lots more ways to add colour to your kitchen without having to make large purchases. Try buying some colour tea towels, a bright apron, vibrant lampshades or even some coloured light bulbs. With small drops of vibrant colour, you can make a kitchen feel warmer and homely, rather than cold and clinical looking. It couldn’t be easier to brighten your kitchen up a little. 

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