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4 Rules of Design That You Should Try Breaking

You’ll often hear that there are some rules of design and home decoration that should never, ever be broken. Well, I’m here to tell you that some of those rules aren’t as hard and fast as you might think. Here are just a few ways that you can break the rules while improving your home at the same time.

You, old rebel, you. 

Mix Up Those Finishes 

It has long been contended that you should keep all your fixtures and finishes in your kitchen and bathroom the same material, but you can actually achieve quite a striking look by mixing and matching a little. Mix a little brass and steel and you’ll immediately make your kitchen a wee bit more dynamic and contribute towards a rustic “lived-in” feel that might otherwise take quite some time to achieve. 

There’s More to Neutral Than Beige 

Decorating your home in neutral colours, with the occasional vibrant accent wall, has been the style for quite some time now, but some people seem to have forgotten there are more neutral colours than just beige, white and grey. Try achieving the same effect but with a little more personality by using some pastels or subdued colours to mix it up. 

Use Darker Shades on Smaller Spaces 

The general advice seems to have been that you should use bright colours for smaller spaces to give the impression of having more room. While this will sometimes have the intended effect, don’t be afraid to use darker shades when you think it’s appropriate. Darker shades can help a small space feel cosier and more intimate, so it’s perfect for making a study or spare bedroom feel extra comfy. 

Try a Mix of Patterns 

While it is true that mixing strongly contrasting or contradictory patterns can make a space too busy and overwhelming, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid mixing patterns entirely. If you mix patterns with complementary colours or other patterns of a similar style, you can help to make a room that bit more exciting and engaging to spend time in. Just make sure that you don’t go too overboard! 

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