8 Must Have Additions to Your Home 

One of my favourite things about looking at other home design and decoration blogs is finding lots of great ideas for items to add to my own home. So, since I’ve always been one for giving back, here are a few of my own recommendations for some must-have additions to your home. 

Mixed Design Shelving 

Shelving has traditionally either had an open design that allowed you to display your things or a closed design to keep them away and out of sight. This mixed design shelving is the perfect combination of both, letting you show off your things while also providing practical storage. There are lots of styles and designs to be found out there, but I’m quite fond of the more abstract versions which use their distinct shape and vibrant colours to make a statement. 

Glass Light Clusters 

There’s been a rise in some interesting approaches to lighting over the last few years with a boom in floor lights and stylised feature lamps, but glass light clusters are some of my favourites. These light clusters are both pretty and they add some variety to your lighting without overwhelming the design of the rest of the room. 

Winged Back Accent Chair 

Accent chairs are a great way to add a bit of style to your living room, while also performing their function as a comfy place to sit down. These winged back accent chairs are a bit of a throwback to the grand armchairs of the smoking rooms of yesteryear, but they continue to leave a lasting impression and can help give a distinguished air to your home. 

Marble Nesting Table 

Nesting tables are already a go-to choice for maximising space and I’ve found lots of uses for them in all of my homes. This marble-topped variety offers much of the same, but it adds a presence and almost Mediterranean quality that is absent in other varieties. These are perfect for use in a conservatory or a space with lots of natural light. 

Armless Loveseat 

Loveseats are perfect for snuggling up with your partner or if you just want a roomier seat than a standard armchair. Armless loveseats offer even more space and will help the room to feel less enclosed and more welcoming. 

Rounded Media Unit 

Media units have become a staple of living room life, but there is a distinct lack in variety other than the usual boxy functional shapes. Well, these rounded media units are a welcome change to pace. Their stylings are very reminiscent of media units from the 50s, and they do lots to add more than a little flair to your TV and media devices. 

Geometric Mirror 

Geometric designs are all the rage at the moment, from fashion, architecture and beyond, and furniture is no different. Mirrors are excellent for creating the impression of space or rounding out a room, but these geometric mirrors are an altogether different beast. With a striking design, these mirrors become a centrepiece for the room, drawing the eye and making space feel fresh and modern. 

70s Style Rugs 

The 80s revival is still in full force and set to continue, but not wanting to be left out, we’re seeing an increasing surge in styles reminiscent of the, often unfairly maligned, 70s. A 70s style rug will show off some of that era’s favourite features like geometric patterns and faintly Japanese designs, providing your home with a bit of retro fashion. 

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